It’s been a long time since I traveled, and lived out of a car or a backpack.IMG_6458 I used to live in a small caravan (mobile trailer) and then a series of tiny cabins, but in the last 5 years I’ve lived in a 1200 sq ft. house. So it’s hard to learn to live out of a backpack again. I keep losing things because I don’t have my system down yet. I’m constantly looking for cords, keys, phone and other items that I’ve stuffed in a pocket somewhere. It gives me new appreciation for the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Right now I’m in a place with a kitchen, so I spent yesterday afternoon and evening cooking three days worth of food for the road, because eating out will just make me sick with headaches, neck aches and itchy red places all over my body, including my face. Food allergies suck on the road. I had one spice-oregano to cook with, so everything is going to taste like oregano.

13217345_175705626164003_2513819709116107398_oI slept well (thank goodness!) and now here I am cooking broccoli in my underwear in Greenville, South Carolina at 7am on a gloomy, rainy morning. I wish I’d brought warmer clothes-it’s rather cold outside for the end of May in the South!  But I have coffee and am off to see friends, so life is good!  I am also ever mindful of the fact that I am visiting a place where water is an abundant blessing. Here, generally, people do not think about water conservation, as we do in the west. So I’ll see the rain as blessings.

Yesterday, I got to hang out in Due South, this coffee place inside of an old mill, in an out of the way location in the tiny town of Taylors, S.C. It was beautiful, in an “I’m an old building in need of love” sort of way. I love old industrial buildings and would totally live in something like that. There’s something to be said for unloved spaces…

All of this makes me ever so grateful for my home and my family, my partner, my dogs and cat, my garden and my couch with that beautiful view of the mountains. And I am super excited about spending time with dear old friends this weekend! So coffee, traveling pasta salad, nettle infusion and beautiful mountains, here I come!!!