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June 2016

A Call to Stand Up, and Stay Seated

For the second day in a row,  I need to be reminded to pull my face out of some negative crap (nope not the election) and focus…balance… For the second day I have been facing an education about unbelievable hate in America. Pervasive, well paid, hate. The kind of hate that makes it hard not to stand up against.

Again today, for the second day,  a magical goddess woman/friend I know has been posting exactly the right thing I need to hear, with synchronicity that is precise! Reminding me to wake up and pull my face out of the feces. These days I am finding myself surrounded by magical goddess women and kind, awake men.

Yesterday I was reminded to let my light shine bright, Continue reading “A Call to Stand Up, and Stay Seated”


The Woman Who Shone the Sun

I am back from my travels and settling back into busy life here on the farm. There is a lot to do, and to some extent I’ve slipped easily back into my routine, although it’s just about Summer Solstice and the world wakes me up crazy early these days. 
But something has changed.
My partner noticed it as soon as I got back. Yes there has been a lot going on astrologically recently, if you believe in that sort of thing-and one comment I read said that the Queen of Heaven, Venus, is getting ready to transmute herself into the wisdom of the Evening Star…I hope that bodes the same for me.
I feel like I’ve been waiting for something, and I haven’t known what, for quite a while now, Continue reading “The Woman Who Shone the Sun”

There and Back Again


I’ve finished my vacation and come home again. The wedding that I went for was astoundingly beautiful, looking out over the whole Pisgah National Forest above Brevard, North Carolina. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a wedding, and it was really lovely to see two people who choose each other every day, and have for eight years, make a commitment to that love in front of others. It was wonderful to spend time with some of my best friends, and celebrate love.
The next day, one friend and I went up into Pisgah Forest looking for a place where I could do a ritual, for my ancestors that used to live in that place. Continue reading “There and Back Again”

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