For the second day in a row,  I need to be reminded to pull my face out of some negative crap (nope not the election) and focus…balance… For the second day I have been facing an education about unbelievable hate in America. Pervasive, well paid, hate. The kind of hate that makes it hard not to stand up against.

Again today, for the second day,  a magical goddess woman/friend I know has been posting exactly the right thing I need to hear, with synchronicity that is precise! Reminding me to wake up and pull my face out of the feces. These days I am finding myself surrounded by magical goddess women and kind, awake men.

Yesterday I was reminded to let my light shine bright, but also remember to feed the fire that fuels that light. Today I am reminded that the Feminine is finding her power, it is not waking, it is RISING…it is RISEN, but she and we must keep our balance, like riding a horse.
And we must keep our eyes on the good. We have a lot of Spiritual work to do people, maybe even in ways you don’t think are important!
I had a total stranger tell me yesterday that my special gift is important, and another one today…But we have to, as Chogyam Trungpa would say “keep our seat”. Which has been kicking my ass for years.
Do what you must, first, to keep yourself in harmony, in light, in peace-music and food are my two main sources…
Do what you must so that you can be present to do good work for peace, truth and justice. That’s my calling as a Druid. Listen to your heart, feed your soul, and fight on. Know you can’t do it alone, ask for help when you need to, and kick butt on hate.
/|\ राम राम