At Alban Elfed (Autumnal Equinox) day and night are in balance. img_6731The Earth is offering up her gifts; berries, nuts, seeds-things that will get us through the Winter, things that hold more energy than other foods.

All of the animals and insects are harvesting. The squirrels are carrying away what few acorns we have this year, the sheep are eating them too. The birds are eating seeds from our primrose, and the bees are stocking up on the pollen from the rosemary, alyssum and tulsi flowers. The geese have been flying overhead, southward, in huge flying V’s.

Here on our farm we’re harvesting grapes, almonds, and the last of the summer herbs, like Tusi, basil, albizia, and very soon, apples and pears.

With the season from Alban Eilir (Vernal Equinox) to Alban Elfed being the “dry” season in the West, and as I’ve been witnessing the img_6717“Water Protectors” in Standing Rock, ND doing all they can to stop the destruction of wild water, I follow my daily routine of watering plants with more reverence these days. Water is sacred. Without enough we all die. Each and every plant that we choose to nurture in our herb and food gardens is blessed with another day of life because it has water.  So I don’t take that lightly. We are truly blessed that we have clean water. And we are blessed by the food we produce, that will take us through Winter and around the wheel of the year again with our harvest.

So as we move into the three day celebration of moving from Summer to Fall, I am full of joy and gratitude! Some people really hate Fall because it’s “about death”, but to me it’s about fullness, maturity, having “made it” and enjoying the fruits of our labor, quite literally.


Here’s wishing you all a full and blessed harvest, and joyful Alban Elfed. Heddwch /|\