The writings of herbalist and traditional Ozark Mountain “Yarb Doctor” Brandon Weston of Mountain Man Healing are deeply steeped in the traditions of the Ozarks. It’s a wonderful thing that he is writing these down, and making them fresh for a new generation of people from the Ozarks and the wider culture of America.
As American Druids, sometimes we have a hard time wrapping our heads around how we are the same as and how we differ from traditional Welsh and UK Druids. Things are different in the US.
Unless we were raised in a Native American tribal culture many of us here do not have strong cultural traditions like people in the UK. Many of them in America have been lost. But many still exist and when we look deeper we can see that they were originally perhaps a conglomeration of other cultures, but are now their own unique thing. Brandon’s writings help Americans put into perspective some of what it means to be uniquely “American”…Something we will be delving more deeply into here at TruthHeartShout.