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December 2016

Rootabaga Stories-American Tales

I’ve been haunting lately and finding a wealth of tales in the Folk Tales section-mainly Children’s literature, but Kid Lit can be fun because they’re short and sweet and contain some wonderful kernels of culture in them.

Recently it dawned on me that the creator of the Wizard of Oz books was American, but alas I’m leaving him out as he was a loud proponent of the genocide of ALL Native American people.

And then I found The Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg. The Poetry Foundation calls this Continue reading “Rootabaga Stories-American Tales”


Am and Am Not

What it means to be “of Native Heritage but not Enrolled”, to be an “Ally” and why you will find references to Native American culture on this site

This could be a massively long post, because it’s a complicated subject, but I want to make it short.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.38.30 PM
As a person who identifies as a Druid, which is a North-Western European Celtic tradition, I am also an American, and thus not just one thing.
This is something I have struggled with for a long time-something many Americans struggle with-Identity.

As someone who has over 40% North Atlantic ancestry, and very pale skin, most people would classify me as “white”. But I don’t identify as white-or rather, not completely. If had to draw myself, I would not use the “flesh” colored crayon, but rather a light brown one. I do not see myself as white.  Because I grew up with stories of ancestors with Native blood I have always identified as part “Cherokee”, and growing up STRONGLY identified with Native Americans who were in the news as Activists at the time (Alcatraz and Wounded Knee-a topic for another day), although I now have a much deeper understanding of what that word “Cherokee” was hiding.
In a word-“Melungeon”, and if you’ve never heard that word Continue reading “Am and Am Not”

Song of the Day

Encouragement for all of the Peaceful Warriors and Water Protectors










THS Recommends-Druid Magazine

Druid Magazine, the American Druidry journal.


This Battle May Be Over, But the War to Protect Our Water Has Just Begun

I’ll whine about hybernating and being depressed after the Election later, but in the mean time, today brought some great news for Standing Rock ND and all of the Water Protectors that have worked so hard to stop the DAPL Pipeline.
The Army Corp of Engineers may have stopped the Dakota Access Pipeline from going through underneath the Missouri River north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation but the war on Corporate Greed is not over. There are MANY MORE pipelines to come!!(hashtags below denote Twitter and Facebook search IDs)


#SabalPipeline  #stopsabaltrail #NoSTP   Florida Sabal Trail pipeline runs across or

Continue reading “This Battle May Be Over, But the War to Protect Our Water Has Just Begun”

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