I’ve been haunting Librivox.org lately and finding a wealth of tales in the Folk Tales section-mainly Children’s literature, but Kid Lit can be fun because they’re short and sweet and contain some wonderful kernels of culture in them.

Recently it dawned on me that the creator of the Wizard of Oz books was American, but alas I’m leaving him out as he was a loud proponent of the genocide of ALL Native American people.

And then I found The Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg. The Poetry Foundation calls this “critically ignored” collection of abstruse tales “The Chicago poet’s overlooked adventures in linguistic anarchy.”  Sounds like my cup of tea!screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-9-52-12-am

Sandburg, being the father of three girls and finding the British stories about royalty and knights to be inappropriate, wrote stories that were set in Rootabaga country, and filled with Midwestern American things like trains, farms, a potato character, and corn fairies.

Politically correct for 2016?  Probably not, but at least free, and a bit closer to home.
Here is a link to the Librivox recordings
And a link to Project Gutenberg downloads
Theses books are also available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and your local bookseller.