Truth.Heart.Shout is a blog by Isabel Rose, an American Ovate student in the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids.  Isabel has spent quite a bit of time pondering if an American can truly be a Druid and what that means for someone with a diverse heritage who has never set foot in the UK.

The title of the blog is a nod to the importance of  Peacemaking in Druidry, and comes from the “Grand Sword” part of a traditional Welsh Eisteddfod

In this ceremony the Archdruid calls for peace, by saying (in Welsh);

‘Truth against the World, Is there Peace?
Heart to Heart, Is there Peace?
Shout above responding Shout, Is there Peace?’

to which the audience replies ‘Heddwch’ (Peace) after each question.

In Wales and England, an Eisteddfod and the “Druidry” that goes with it can be seen in one of three ways. As fraternal order which focused on charitable work; a cultural order which focuses on culture and language; or an order which sees Druidry as a spiritual or philosophical order. Here in the US Druidry in general is seen more as a philosophy, way of life, or spiritual tradition.

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