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Cultural Appropriation

Responding to Call for Whites to Wake Up

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The last few days for me have been filled with a lot of learning around the topic of race, and being Black in America. Helping a friend do genealogy work, I’ve learned some hard truths about the differences in looking at a Black person’s tree and a mostly white person’s. There are very different assumptions, values and I’m sure stories behind each ancestor.
I read an article about taking a DNA test and what that means for a Black woman. 
And then found an article about Rachel Dolezal.
The author, who is unnamed, was able to tease apart something where most people just judge and blow by Ms. Dolezal and her brutal 15 minutes of fame. Rachel may have crossed some lines but she does challenge the perspective of whiteness, and in her case, completely rejects it.
I felt compelled to join the conversation, and answer the author’s questions posed in the piece, and it’s gotten so long I decided to post it on my own blog, rather than a huge long comment on theirs. (Edit: Interestingly enough, 24 hours later and they have yet to approve my post. Glad I posted it here instead.)


Hi, and thank you for this article. A lot of really deep info to chew on here and I’m glad you are not dismissing Rachel so quickly. I agree there are good and bad points to the whole issue but overall Continue reading “Responding to Call for Whites to Wake Up”


Am and Am Not

What it means to be “of Native Heritage but not Enrolled”, to be an “Ally” and why you will find references to Native American culture on this site

This could be a massively long post, because it’s a complicated subject, but I want to make it short.

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As a person who identifies as a Druid, which is a North-Western European Celtic tradition, I am also an American, and thus not just one thing.
This is something I have struggled with for a long time-something many Americans struggle with-Identity.

As someone who has over 40% North Atlantic ancestry, and very pale skin, most people would classify me as “white”. But I don’t identify as white-or rather, not completely. If had to draw myself, I would not use the “flesh” colored crayon, but rather a light brown one. I do not see myself as white.  Because I grew up with stories of ancestors with Native blood I have always identified as part “Cherokee”, and growing up STRONGLY identified with Native Americans who were in the news as Activists at the time (Alcatraz and Wounded Knee-a topic for another day), although I now have a much deeper understanding of what that word “Cherokee” was hiding.
In a word-“Melungeon”, and if you’ve never heard that word Continue reading “Am and Am Not”

THS Recommends: Mountain Man Healing

The writings of herbalist and traditional Ozark Mountain “Yarb Doctor” Brandon Weston of Mountain Man Healing are deeply steeped in the traditions of the Ozarks. It’s a wonderful thing that he is writing these down, and making them fresh for a new generation of people from the Ozarks and the wider culture of America.
As American Druids, sometimes we have a hard time wrapping our heads around how we are the same as and how we differ from traditional Welsh and UK Druids. Things are different in the US.
Continue reading “THS Recommends: Mountain Man Healing”

The New Species Begins to Emerge

OK. It’s officially “a thing”.  I have a problem with Festival days. screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-3-22-36-pm

No, really, like ‘knots in my stomach and avoidance’ kind of problem. I’ve blamed it on lethargy, laziness or being contrary, and blamed last Samhain’s really strange energy on some disturbing news I had just gotten about one of my Ancestral lines, but after several more Festival days and several more bouts of avoidance, it finally came to some sort of real awareness today.  And I think I can see something emerging. Continue reading “The New Species Begins to Emerge”

Upcoming Topics: Cultural Healing & a New Species of Druid

The subtitle of this blog is “Druidry, Animism & Cultural Healing in America”, file9111254668280which seems like a very big range of subjects, and it is, but I guess it’s because what I believe doesn’t fit neatly into one small box, so I will be writing about multiple topics. Especially the “cultural healing” and “America” parts.

The cultural healing part is really twofold. There is so much that needs work in America Continue reading “Upcoming Topics: Cultural Healing & a New Species of Druid”

Travel Journal Day 1

I’m on vacation. This is a rare-to-never event for me, but a dear friend is getting married in the mountains of North Carolina, so I flew back to spend some time roaming around the mountains, like I used to. 13235095_175303232870909_8471799350994684943_o

I may be a born and raised California girl, and it’s where I now make my home, but I spent 22 years in the South, between Columbia, SC, middle Georgia, and Asheville, NC. In those years I did an incredible amount of driving, all over, for various reasons, down back roads and highways.

I thought when I came back here for a visit this time that I would repeat some of that, driving down my favorite scenic routes, seeing some of the tiny little towns I once called home, but I realized in planning this trip, not only how much I’ve grown, but what I was doing on all of those drives. I was looking for home, I was processing the world as it hit me, wave after wave. Continue reading “Travel Journal Day 1”

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