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Homeward Bound

I’ve been on a short vacation. It was supposed to be longer but for several reasons I cut it in half and instead of flying home, chose to take the “scenic route” and drive from St. Louis back home to the West Coast.  I have a lot to process. IMG_7435

Today consisted of an ass-load of driving. Mostly across Missouri, which is as close to a “homeland” as I get. This trip was short and mostly sweet and I’m glad I made the pilgrimage. I stopped at Ozarkland  for some of those fun road trip things (refrigerator magnets anyone?) and then set off North…

Back on the road I wanted to hear one song (America, by Simon and Garfunkel) and then Continue reading “Homeward Bound”

Hobbits Stay Home

In the same vein as my last post “My Life is My Ritual“, I’ve been thinking about attempting to go back to work, but can’t really get there. I can’t see myself finding joy or even liking working at a mundane job. And I’m too old to engage in something soul-sucking or go back to college.
No, my partner and I are not wealthy-we live very frugally and grow much of our own food (yes, including meat). Going back to work would mean that we would have money for extras-for things like Continue reading “Hobbits Stay Home”

Running for Salmon, Water and Life

The other day I had the privilege of helping out a local Native American tribe, the Winnemem Wintu, in a weeks long event they’re putting on to raise awareness for their way of life, to “bring home” the salmon that are nearing extinction in California, and raise awareness about water issues. It’s a BIG topic and a very small tribe. Since they are local to my area, and since I want to be of service to Native people where I can, Continue reading “Running for Salmon, Water and Life”

Song of the Day

No seriously, It’s a whole other level of bad-ass!

There and Back Again


I’ve finished my vacation and come home again. The wedding that I went for was astoundingly beautiful, looking out over the whole Pisgah National Forest above Brevard, North Carolina. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a wedding, and it was really lovely to see two people who choose each other every day, and have for eight years, make a commitment to that love in front of others. It was wonderful to spend time with some of my best friends, and celebrate love.
The next day, one friend and I went up into Pisgah Forest looking for a place where I could do a ritual, for my ancestors that used to live in that place. Continue reading “There and Back Again”

Travel Journal Day 3

It’s been a long time since I traveled, and lived out of a car or a backpack.IMG_6458 I used to live in a small caravan (mobile trailer) and then a series of tiny cabins, but in the last 5 years I’ve lived in a 1200 sq ft. house. So it’s hard to learn to live out of a backpack again. I keep losing things because I don’t have my system down yet. I’m constantly looking for cords, keys, phone and other items that I’ve stuffed in a pocket somewhere. It gives me new appreciation for the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Continue reading “Travel Journal Day 3”

Travel Journal Day 1

I’m on vacation. This is a rare-to-never event for me, but a dear friend is getting married in the mountains of North Carolina, so I flew back to spend some time roaming around the mountains, like I used to. 13235095_175303232870909_8471799350994684943_o

I may be a born and raised California girl, and it’s where I now make my home, but I spent 22 years in the South, between Columbia, SC, middle Georgia, and Asheville, NC. In those years I did an incredible amount of driving, all over, for various reasons, down back roads and highways.

I thought when I came back here for a visit this time that I would repeat some of that, driving down my favorite scenic routes, seeing some of the tiny little towns I once called home, but I realized in planning this trip, not only how much I’ve grown, but what I was doing on all of those drives. I was looking for home, I was processing the world as it hit me, wave after wave. Continue reading “Travel Journal Day 1”

Song of the Day



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