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Sustainability of Self – Living Joy Now

I am having to reset my priorities lately, in a big way. Primarily because I have been experiencing some real depression and looked around to see I really do not have enough JOY in my life.

IMG_7653The biggest change I’m making is cutting out the use of social media as much as possible, except to keep up with very close family and a few teachers. It’s eating my life and it’s completely unsustainable.

I don’t mean unsustainable in a farming kind of way, I mean in my BODY and my MIND.  The more things we “Like” and the more people we follow or friend, the more we have to read. The more rants, whiny posts (and oh I’m so guilty), the more political vomit, the more anger and victimhood and woe-is-me because the world is coming to and end and… NO. Just NO. Stop the bus, I’m getting off. Ferrealz.

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THS Recommends: “Do Less” by Abeja Herbs

I deeply urge you all to stop and read this. SO MUCH THIS!!

I realized just how a dangerous a thing it is to ignore beauty in the name of efficiency; to prioritize productivity and perfection over pleasure and play.  My heart ached for the countless times I had denied myself what I wanted and needed most – whether it was nourishment, rest, connection, or exploration. I implore you to remain vigilant for this tendency in your own life, for it is this insidious thing which gives rise to a world where fascism is possible and those things which are sacred become commodities rather than forces with which we are in relationship.


Song of the Day

Homeward Bound

I’ve been on a short vacation. It was supposed to be longer but for several reasons I cut it in half and instead of flying home, chose to take the “scenic route” and drive from St. Louis back home to the West Coast.  I have a lot to process. IMG_7435

Today consisted of an ass-load of driving. Mostly across Missouri, which is as close to a “homeland” as I get. This trip was short and mostly sweet and I’m glad I made the pilgrimage. I stopped at Ozarkland  for some of those fun road trip things (refrigerator magnets anyone?) and then set off North…

Back on the road I wanted to hear one song (America, by Simon and Garfunkel) and then Continue reading “Homeward Bound”

Touching the Muse in the Dark, part 2

Part Two:
Opening to the Flow, Finding the Right Fit
I am an extremely sensitive individual. I’ve been open to the flow since before I was born. But that can be a blessing and a curse and most of my life I have not known how to shut it off, or to turn it down to a trickle, how to make it manageable. Now I know. 
Now that I control the volume so to speak, I am still not very open most of the time…so yes, what was happening for me internally during the Bardic grade, to a large extent was Continue reading “Touching the Muse in the Dark, part 2”

Touching the Muse in the Dark

Part One:
Finding a Muse or Two
Green-Woman-East-340.jpg I feel so much clarity beginning to happen in my work right now. Yes Mercury has been in Retrograde, with all of the well publicized communication shit-storm that entails…but for me, right now, it feels like hearing a clear piercing voice singing out a single note in the midst of a squalling storm. Emma Restall Orr is that voice.

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Interview with Emma Restall Orr

Love this interview with Emma Restall Orr on Skeptiko!
As a druid she thinks in broader terms than one group or another…highly recommend this!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.38.02 PM

For more on Emma visit her website at

Song of the Day

This is one of my favorite songs of all times-for the sentiment “Be Free” and for the multi-cultural vibe. This may be the first piece of “World Music” I ever heard…and nope, it’s not retro black and white-it’s that old!  Enjoy!


Hobbits Stay Home

In the same vein as my last post “My Life is My Ritual“, I’ve been thinking about attempting to go back to work, but can’t really get there. I can’t see myself finding joy or even liking working at a mundane job. And I’m too old to engage in something soul-sucking or go back to college.
No, my partner and I are not wealthy-we live very frugally and grow much of our own food (yes, including meat). Going back to work would mean that we would have money for extras-for things like Continue reading “Hobbits Stay Home”

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